Annual Membership Includes

  • Over 160+ hours of high quality professional development.
  • All professional development programming for the current fiscal year.
  • A DVD of each program produced in the current fiscal year.*
  • Each professional development program produced in the current fiscal year is available online to all current members.
  • Rights to make and retain copies of each program produced in the current fiscal year from the DVD.*
  • 12 featured programs from our eLibrary streamed 24/7 for one month, one each month throughout the membership year.
  • Additional training programs from the STARLINK eLibrary available on-demand via the internet for the membership year.
  • 220 three-to-eight minute teaching strategy modules streamed on-demand from our eLibrary for the membership year.
  • A duplicable resource packet with valuable materials to supplement the information from each program. This facilitates on-campus group training and discussion.
  • Rights to retransmit each of the current fiscal year programs on your institution’s cable channel within your local service area.*
  • Materials for on-campus promotion.
  • Viewership analytics

(*) Excludes the National Society for Leadership and Success programs.

How to join STARLINK

Membership Fee:

(based on full-time enrollment)
  • Under 2,500$1,450
  • 2,500 - 7,999 $1,950
  • 8,000 - 14,999 $2,350
  • 15,000 - 21,999 $2,800
  • 22,000 & over $3,250

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